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APWT MEMBERS can log in to see details of our Opportunities and Events listings on the top bar of this page for details about the following. Go to 'read more' below, you can become a member now by clicking this link. (You can't open the link until you click 'read more', which opens this page.) APRIL Listings include — OPPORTNITIES - The Lucien Stryk Asian Translation Prize - The Monash Read more »»
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City University of Hong Kong Closes Asian MFA in Writing

SAD NEWS. Twenty-five internationally recognised authors have signed a letter to the City University of Hong Kong protesting the university’s decision to close its successful and admired MFA Programme in Creative Writing. The MFA Programme, established only five years ago by novelist and APWT Director Xu Xi, has brought distinguished writers to the campus. Six books and hundreds of poems, essays, and short stories have Read more »»

Preparations for Indonesia’s 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair

Indonesia will be the guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair (FFB) in 2015. But how many translations will be ready? Article by John H. McGlynn. Of all international book-associated events, FFB is the mother of them all. Not only is it the world’s first book fair—established in the 15th century—it is also the largest book-publishing event in the world. Each year about 7,500 exhibitors from more Read more »»
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