Asia Pacific Writers & Translators (APWT) formerly Asia-Pacific Writing Partnership' | APWT builds, promotes and helps sustain the careers of authors and literary translators in the Asia Pacific region.

Membership registration and renewal

The Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Association welcomes new members. By joining, you become part of this dynamic and valuable literary community. Benefits include alerts to our upcoming events, chances to meet others in our network, access to our people and resources. 

If you are an established author or literary translator with published work, membership is FREE. Please see our guideline below if you are unsure whether you qualify to join in this class.

There are other choices of membership available for aspiring and emerging writers, literary professionals, educational institutions seeking membership for multiple people, and for businesses that support this initiative. 

Note! When signing up, should you experience any unsolvable problems (such as a block from our anti-hacking/spam firewall) simply email the webmaster, Andrew Bond, for assistance.


1. Author/Translator  Membership – (no charge).

This category is open to all published authors and literary translators.  Membership enables you to post your profile on our site together with links to your blogs and publisher. You are also eligible for nomination as a Director on the AP Writers Board.

Q: Do I qualify as a Author, or should I sign up as an Author Associate member?

A: If you are not sure, you’re almost definitely an Author Associate. People in the Author category are defined by AP Writers as published writers or translators of book-length works of literary merit. Such works have been physically published by firms generally recognized by the woman or man on the street as book publishing companies—firms whose raison d’être is to invest in authors to make a return on capital. Qualified publishers have full-time staff, take no finance from authors, have a sales and marketing force, and produce books widely reviewed in popular periodicals. So this would preclude works which are self-published or from most small presses.

Authors who have achieved success through digital sales of literary works may be considered if unit sales and return on investment figures, etc., are comparable to that of recognized international authors and publishers. You should supply support information if this is the case for you.

We will confirm your registration by email. Your email address will remain private.

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2. Associate  Membership – US$50 p.a. or US$150 lifetime 

AP Writers welcomes emerging and aspiring writers. You might already have published some work but you don’t yet have a book-length manuscript published commercially.

This membership class includes other individuals interested in the production and promotion of creative literature.

Associate Members may nominate by nominated to the Board and to sit on working committees. You will receive notice of upcoming AP Writers’ functions (via email), and may place a personal (not company) link on the AP Writers’ website. You will be eligible for 10% discount at AP Writers conferences. 

Recurring annually ($50)

Lifetime membership ($150)

3. Institutional/University  Membership – US$100 p.a. (for up to six people) or US$300 Lifetime

Universities and other educational institutions may become Institutional Members, covering up to six students or staff. An institution can have more than one Institutional Membership to cover more than 6 people.The institution may nominate ONE (only) representative to sit on AP Writers Board.

Each of the six students/staff nominated by the institution under this category will be eligible for 10% discount at AP Writers conferences. The six individuals covered by the membership must be named and their institutional emails supplied to AP Writers administrator Jane Camens ( Individual profiles may be posted and should include a link to the institution.


4. Corporate and Organisation  Membership – US$200 p.a. or US$500 lifetime

This membership class is for businesses and organisations who with to support our writers and translators in our region. We are a not-for-profit association, so membership here helps supports our on-going administrative work.

Corporate and Organizational Membership allows businesses to post a link to their company on the AP Writers site. We will also consider relevant news from such members for possible posts  on our website and our social media links.

Corporate and Organizational Members have the right to one vote (only) at the AGM and may nominate one representative to sit on the Board.