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Opportunities & Events

APWT MEMBERS can log in to see details of our Opportunities and Events listings on the top bar of this page for details about the following. Go to 'read more' below, you can become a member now by clicking this link. (You can't open the link until you click 'read more', which opens this page.)

APRIL Listings include —

- The Lucien Stryk Asian Translation Prize
- The Monash Undergraduate Prize for Creative Writing
- The Bath Novel Award

- The Nick Darke Writers' Award
- The Gladstone Library Writers in Residency
- Her Heat Poetry International Micropoetry Prize

- The Mslexia Womens Poetry Competition
- The Richell Prize for Emerging Writers
- The Manchester Fiction and Poetry Prizes
- Troubadour International Poetry Prize
- The Missing Slate call for submissions
- Bhashabandhan Literary Review call for submissions
- The Flexible Persona call for submissions

- Sixteen Rivers Press call for submissions
- Jane's Boy Press call for submissions
- Harpur Palate call for submissions
- A3 Review call for submissions
- Writer in the Gardens Workshop (Singapore)
- Talking Writing: India (Sydney)
- Endangered Languages: Why Do They Matter? (London)
- Newcastle Writers Festival (Newcastle)
- Feminist Writers Festival: Giving Up The Good Girl (Brisbane)
- Cita Seni: Stage of Agitation (Singapore)
- Writing the City Writers Meet-Up (Singapore)
- Sin Cities: Away in Four Indian Cities (London)
- Phillipe Beck: A Conversation of Poems (Singapore)
- Growing Up In A Changing China: Conversation with Xiaolu Guo  - Proverse Publishing Spring Reception (Hong Kong)
- China's Asian Dream: Book Talk with Tom Miller (Beijing)
- Telling Stories to Teenagers Workshop (Singapore)
- The Empire Writes Back: Partition of India (London)
- AFCC 2017: Writers and Illustrators Retreat (Singapore)
- Lijia Zhang's Shenzhen (London)
- Real Talk: The Lives of Arab Women (Melbourne)
- International Literary Translation & Creative Writing Summer -
- Monkey Business: The Japan/America Writers Dialogue (New York)

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