1 October-10 December - Travel Writing X Mixed Media Illustration Mentorship (Singapore)
PLACES Season 3 is a 20-session interdisciplinary mentorship project held at Tampines Regional Library from October to December 2017. Under the tutelage of a Singapore-born poet, Boey Kim Cheng, and Singaporean illustrator, Ann Gee Neo, learn the craft of literary non-fiction travel writing, incorporating visual artworks inspired by your personal travel mementos.

3 October - Indian Public Library Movement (New Delhi)
The transformation of public libraries requires not just government funding, but also engagement and partnership of various stakeholders who could contribute to fulfilling the knowledge demands from the community. It requires the librarian to work as an entrepreneur to be able to articulate the needs in a well thought out manner as well as an ability to reach out to different kind of partners for collaboration and engagement. The session would focus on understanding the potential and possibility of such multi-stakeholder partnership.

6-7 October - Sing Lit Body Slam (Singapore)
What could pro-wrestling and poetry have in common? Pro wrestling is improvised physical theatre, storytelling through a fusion of acrobatics and combat sport. Grapple MAX takes this art out of the ring, and into an intimate, up-close environment. With colourful, larger-than-life characters, we perform to maximise audience engagement, creating an interactive "poetry fight club" experience like no other.

6-8 October - Newstead Short Story Tattoo (Newstead)
An engaging and exciting schedule of events is promised for this year’s festival. Guests include Tony Birch, noted academic and prize winning author who recently released his new short story collection Common People. The Tattoo will set things alight by launching matters with an all-female comedy night starring seasoned Jewish veteran Justine Sless, the hilarious and talented Annabel Tellis (who gave us “Come Shane” last time around) and sometimes local Penny Tangey who will deliver humorous anecdotes about working in a bacon factory. Other artists and presenters include Manisha Anjali, an emerging Fijian born poet and “folk” storyteller and poet, the sublime rambling poetry of Pi-O, Simon Carroll who will perform with banjo in hand.

7 October - Journey of a Thousand Words (Singapore)
This workshop is part of ALT TXT, a new series of talks and workshops by the National Library Board that explore the relationship and intersection of literature and narratives through visual and conceptual art, and vice versa. How do writers and artists tell stories with or without text? What is the role of text in conceptual art? What is in the message of black and white photography? How do you read a wordless book? ALT TXT responds to these questions and more through public programmes with artists, a design studio, a writer, and a librarian.

8 October - Book Launch: People Called Mumbai Anthology (Mumbai)
What makes Mumbai ‘Mumbai’, is its people. With a diverse population influx each minute, every person here is a story in its own. But their story is not theirs alone. Many a time, it belongs to a collective narrative, falling into compartments of the city's history. We often zoom past people, landmarks, places, with a little thought that they could hold within them a beautiful account of their life. People Called Mumbai is compilation of many such accounts!

9 October - Poetry Reading: U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith (Beijing)
For the first time ever, The Bookworm will host a reading for the current United States poet laureate. Tracy K. Smith, named U.S. poet laureate in June, will headline an eight-poet reading that includes award-winning Mexican poet/translator Mario Bojórquez, prolific Chinese poet/artist Yi Lei, and renowned poet/translator Ming Di. Rounding out the lineup are community poets who are active in and have made significant contributions to the local creative arts scene.

11 October - Mapping Wellbeing: Expanding our Horizons Through ‘Untranslatable’ Words (Melbourne)
Are there positive experiences which can't be expressed in English, but which there are words for in other languages? If so, what is the significance of these so-called untranslatable words? These are the questions that will be explored in this presentation, in which Tim Lomas will share the latest updates on his ‘positive cross-cultural lexicography’ project which aims to explore untranslatable words relating to wellbeing from across the world’s languages.

15 October - The Elements of Writing: Mixer for Writers, Editors & Publishers (New Delhi)
A mixer for writers, editors and publishers with the aim to connect with others in the industry and propel their writing careers forward- a gateway to the inaccessible world of publishers. Featuring Chiki Sarkar, Poulomi Chatterjee and Kanishka Gupta.

17 October - What Future For Authors In Copyright? (Melbourne)
For the fourth event in the 2017 Judges in Conversation series, the Honourable Justice David Yates (Federal Court of Australia) will be in conversation with Professor Jane Ginsburg (Morton L Janklow Professor of Literacy and Artistic Property Law at Columbia University) on the topic 'What Future for Authors in Copyright?'

25 October - Double Book Launch: Islam and Ethnicity in Aceh & West Java (Melbourne)
Monash University Publishing and Brill are delighted to invite you to the launch of two new books: Hasan Mustapa: Ethnicity and Islam in Indonesia by Julian Millie and Malay Court Religion, Culture and Language: Interpreting the Qurʾān in 17th Century Aceh by Peter Riddell. Julian Millie is Associate Professor in the Anthropology program of Monash University. Millie’s research focusses on Islamic practice and its meanings in Indonesia, and more specifically, in West Java. Peter Riddell, Ph.D. (1985), Australian National University, is Vice Principal Academic at Melbourne School of Theology and Professorial Research Associate in History at SOAS, University of London.

26 October - Struggling for Words in Mao's China: Political Campaign and Literary Exchange in the Hundred Flowers Campaign (Canberra)
How should we understand the relationship between literature and politics of the Mao era? To date, research on this question have been driven by the Party catch-phrase of “literature and art serve politics” 文藝為政治服務 and the underlying assumption that politics and literature are two separable entities. But what happens when the two fields merge? This paper will approach this question through the case study of the Hundred Flowers, Rectification, and Anti-Rightist Campaigns of 1956–58.

1 November - Book Talk: Chieftain by Mike Tucker (Beijing)
Mike Tucker is a poet, former mercenary and the only writer of his generation compared to Hemingway. The only foreign writer since 1949 in China to have lectured on General Huang Hua, the legendary revolutionary and guerrilla war commander, Mike Tucker was under fire with Spanish counterterrorists at the Siege of the Banco Central in Barcelona in 1981 and was later the only writer on missions with American snipers in both the Hindu Kush and the Near East after September 11th and with French snipers in the Afghanistan War.

4-12 November - Singapore Writers Festival (Singapore)
Featuring Rilla Melati, A Ra Sivakumaran, Mark Tan, Adrian Tan, Adeline Foo, Alexandra Buchler, Mina Cruz, R Chandran, Ahmad Gaus, JY Yang, Wesley Wee, Marjorie Liu, Muzakkir Samat, Rea Montiano Maac, Firwan Johan, Jansirani Thanabal, Jeremy Tiang, Windu Lestari, William Beale and many more.

7 November - Doolally Book Club (Mumbai)
Is buying a book & not reading it your super power? If you can devour a 100 page paperback in 3 hours and your weak spot is the smell or aroma of any book, we want to ask you just one thing - Do you have the spine to join our gang? The Book Club will be spread over six sessions, six months and six books.
The fee includes six books delivered to your doorstep, six book club sessions and a pint of beer at every meeting.

26 November - International EFL Conference for Creative Writing (Macau)
Featuring Tammy Lai-Ming Ho, Holly Thompson and Alan Maley. The conference is open to English language teachers, creative writing teachers and practitioners, residents and visitors of Macau. The conference is free.

29 November-1 December - Asia 21 Summit (Melbourne)
Asia 21 is the Asia-Pacific’s foremost young leaders network with more than 800 influential alumni from more than 30 countries. They are change-makers, visionaries, and leaders that have made significant contributions to society and to the future of the Asia-Pacific region. Asia 21 alumni include: an Oscar-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid, the youngest Senator of the 16th Congress of the Republic of Philippines Bam Aquino, Afghanistan's Ambassador to Australia Wahidullah Waissi, Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti, Olympian and Cirque du Soleil performer Raj Bhavsar, Emergency medicine pioneer Satchit Balsari and many more.