1 February - Tiananmen to Pyongyang, Kabul to Baghdad: A Reporter's Inspiring Journey (New York)
Join us for a special program with Bob Woodruff — a conversation about Asia, about the many issues he has covered on the continent, and about the remarkable and inspiring personal journey he has made since that awful day, more than a decade ago. Lee Woodruff will join for part of the conversation.

2 February - Book Launch: This Is What Inequality Looks Like by Teo You Yenn (Singapore)
This book—an ethnography of inequality—addresses these questions. Formed by a series of essays, they are written to be read individually, but have been arranged to be read as a totality and in sequence. Each aims to accomplish two things: first, to introduce a key aspect of the experience of being low-income in contemporary Singapore. Second, to illustrate how people's experiences are linked to structural conditions of inequality.

2-11 February - That's the Story of My Life (Singapore)
Method Productions presents an original play commissioned by the National Book Development Council of Singapore. Mined from the rich legacy of Singapore's literature, That's the Story of My Life takes audience members on a journey of narratives—both personal and fictional—and weaves their stories into ours.

6 February - Book Talk: Midnight's Furies - The Deadly Legacy of India's Partition by Nisid Hajari (Beijing)
Understanding the traumatic history of the India-Pakistan frontier today is more important than ever, because it features prominently in Beijing's hugely ambitious Belt and Road initiative. Join us for a talk by Nisid Hajari about his critically acclaimed book Midnight's Furies: The Deadly Legacy of India's Partition.

8-9 February - The Association for the Study of Australian Literature Conference (Darwin)
The conference theme focuses on creative writing at the borderlands of Australian literature and asks its contributors to consider Australian literature beyond the “boundaries” of the canon and its mainstream readership. The conference theme draws on ASAL’s identity as an association of scholars working in the fields of Australian literature, paying particular attention to writing beyond coastal centres, and towards writing that represents the “outback” of the Australian imagination.

10 February - The Roundtable: The Aspirations and Shortcomings of Feminism (Melbourne)
This discussion led by Reworked begins by addressing this question and aims to build on and give nuance to the multiplicities of the feminisms that concurrently exist within our communities. The panelists will reinstate their aspirations for the future of feminist actions and the implementation of diverse feminist practices.

11 February - Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair (Melbourne)
Sticky's massive annual zine fair - perhaps the biggest zine fair in the Southern Hemisphere - returns in 2018 with over 250 zine stalls in the biggest room of the Melbourne Town Hall. Entry is free.

27 February - Author Talk: Cory Doctorow (Melbourne)
The latest book from the irrepressible Canadian activist, editor, journalist and novelist is set in an alarmingly plausible, post-scarcity near future. In Walkaway, all labour is automated, and human beings are either super-rich or surplus. Chaos, violence and catastrophe ensue. Yet, Doctorow asserts, the novel is utopian.

3-8 March - Adelaide Writers Week (Adelaide)
Featuring Amal Awad, Anna George, Dhwani Shah, Fiona McFarlane, Manal Al-Sharif, Melanie Cheng, Ragini Siruguri, Ralph Martins, Rebekah Clarkson, Teju Cole, Wendy Orr, Tim Roger and many more.

9-11 March - The Page on Stage - A Performance of Words from the stories of Baratham, Cheong, Jeyaretnam and Tay (Singapore)
Two actors perform stories by some of Singapore's most popular writers from the 1990s. A teacher turned life coach finds a brief but powerful connection with a colleague during a period of life left increasingly desolate by his own success; an errant relative returns, to the delight and consternation of his idolising but straight-laced cousin; two people meet, fall in love, and co-write their secret romance; a man faces the bewildering achievement of growing old.

21-22 April - Introduction to Storytelling Workshop (Singapore)
In a warm and supportive group environment you will learn why storytelling is such a powerful form of communication; how stories can be structured to hook listener's attention and discover your own personal storytelling style. Through group, partner and individual exercises, you will be guided through a step-by-step method of learning to tell a story without memorising the words.