1 December - The Writing Room Showcase (London)
Performances from 22 brilliant poets who have been tutored by Roger Robinson. Performers include Immaculata Abba, Momtaza Mehri, Sumia Jaama, Oakley Flanagan, Jamal Mehmood, Dominic Holman, Anita Barton-Williams, Zahrah Sheikh, Rah Kagbada, Ollie O'Neil, Kais Al-Kaisi, Omari Daniel and Kojo Apeagyei.

1-3 December - Ethos Books Festive Sale (Singapore)
Ethos Books is busting out of our sleepy corner in Bishan to bring our annual festive book sale closer to you! Join us at the Substation's Gallery from Friday to Sunday (1-3 December) for three days of festive deals, with good books going for as low as $2. This year, we have a special vintage book section ready for you to scour—revisit timeless works that we are bringing out from our vault at unbelievable prices!

2-3 December - Global Voices Summit (Colombo)
Our seventh Summit takes us for the second time to South Asia, where we'll convene two days of public conversations and workshops with bloggers, activists, technologists, journalists, policymakers, development experts and others from around the world and address the evolving state of citizen media, open Internet advocacy, open Internet culture, and grassroots activism from a Global South perspective. Like all GV events, the 2017 Summit, will be a great opportunity for learning and sharing with a diverse and dynamic global community.

4 December - Curating a Space: On Indonesian Contemporary Art (Melbourne)
Dr Agung Hujatnika will reflect on a variety of local, national and global platforms that have facilitated and shaped the emergence of Indonesian contemporary visual art. Apart from discussing the role of artists’ initiatives and collectors, he will specifically focus on the ‘curatorial turn’ in Indonesia. He will also address part of the history of Indonesian art spaces and exhibitions, and highlight the works and practices of a few emerging artists.

5 December - Book Launch: The Word Thrice Uttered by Parveen Talha (Delhi)
This book is about hope. Hope for a better future, when the world sets aside emotions,emotions which make us humane only lost to materialistic gains and pleasures. Have we lost our innocence? The book forays into these nitty gritties of the human psyche and asks questions which we wish we have pondered upon.Overall, The Word Thrice Uttered is a collection of short stories portraying the diverse realities of life through the protagonists – children, women, men, animals, even supernaturals.

9 December - Tell Tales: Interactive Storytelling w/ Anand Sivakumaran (Mumbai)
The audience suggest triggers such as blue mangoes, a Zeppelin, a torn umbrella. Using the triggers, Anand Sivakumaran creates a story making the audience characters in the tale. Additional triggers take the story into even more unexpected directions like the introduction of Arvind Kejriwal could suddenly take the a love story into the nonsense genre.

9 December - Book Launch: B3/703 Gulmohar Park by Mini Sukumaran Nair (Pune)
Mini Sukumaran Nair will be in conversation with Rashmi Tamuly, Social Work Educator, Consultant and Counselor. Set in the windy textile city of Southern India, Coimbatore, B3/703, Gulmohar Park witnesses the journey of a five year old child, Madhura as she battles with loneliness and despair. Nair will reflect on the issues of longing and belonging, faith and fact; in a world which is perpetually caught up in the complex web of colour and class, boundaries and blood.

10 December - Writers Mixer: Indian Fiction, International Market (Delhi)
A mixer for people in the writing and publishing industry, in association with German Book House, with the theme Indian Fiction, International Market. The aim is to connect with others in the industry and in effect propel your writing career forward. Featuring Anish Chandy, Prashasti Rastogi and Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan.

7-10 December - Goa Arts & Literature Festival (Goa)
Featuring Anuradha Goyal, Nishi Chawla, Mynoo Maryel, Prashant Jha, Rahul Mitra, Jayanta Kalita, Ishita Banerjee-Dube, Prerna Singh Bindra, David de Souza, Gunjan Jain, Edwin Thumboo, Kaustubh Naik, Manohar Shetty, Kula Saika, Amrita Narayan, Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar, Jerry Pinto and Karan Anshuman.

7 December - Sami Shah: Muslims Down Under (Melbourne)
Sami Shah is a multi-award winning writer and comedian. He has been profiled in the New York Times, ABC’s The Australian Story, BBC Radio 4, NPR, and appeared on QI with Stephen Fry and The Project. Sami has written columns for newspapers and magazines, short stories and documentaries for radio. He has also written a novel and his autobiography. His latest non-fiction book is The Islamic Republic of Australia.

8 December - Book Launch: Beef by Nurul Amillin Hussain (Singapore)
Beef is Nurul Amillin Hussain's debut collection of poetry. Consisting of 20 poems written over a decade, this book traces time through fresh explorations of nostalgia, recollecting the author's time spent in both Singapore and the UK. This collection is distinctly urban, and aims to translate the messy zig-zags of everyday discomforts into verse, focusing on themes of family, friendship and identity.

10 December - Book Launch: The Power of Good People: Surviving Sri Lanka's Civil War (Melbourne)
This is a story we have all longed for - a story of courage, resilience, hope and hearts filled with compassionate friendship. Para Paheer grew up in war torn Sri Lanka, and with his family, faced tragic consequences of violence and ruthless politics. He was thirty-one when he was rescued from the Indian Ocean while sailing to Australia to seek asylum. While in Christmas Island Detention Centre Para became penfriends with Alison Corke, a member of the Apollo Bay branch of Rural Australians for Refugees.

15 December - Allen & Unwin: Writing a Novel Course (Melbourne)
For aspiring novelists ready to leap in, this course will guide you through the process of planning and beginning your novel, developing skills in writing from scratch and establishing a writing practice. Using a combination of targeted writing exercises, group discussion and carefully selected examples, the focus of this course will be on your own writing, with the aim of ending the course with a substantial body of new writing, heading towards a first draft of your novel.

15-17 December - Times Literary Festival (Mumbai)
The popular Times Litfest features a range of discussions and book launches. The theme this year explores the relationship between men and women "across time, place, space, profession, family, and literature". All sessions are free to attend and you can register at the gate.

16 December - The Art of Great Storytelling Workshop (Bangalore)
Learn how to leverage storytelling as a powerful communication tool to get a message across, enhance communication/presentation style at work and at meetings, use body language, voice modulation and language for greater impact and understand key elements and criteria of a good story.

22-23 December - Kalinga Literary Festival (Odisha)
The festival has emerged as an Annual Flagship event in the cultural calendar of Odisha and our focus is to rekindle the romance with literature and foster reading and writing habits, especially among the youth. It offers a national platform with a global appeal and bridges the gap between literature in English and other Indian regional languages.