William Gibson

William L. Gibson is an author, researcher, and sound artist based in Southeast Asia. William holds a PhD from the University of Leeds. His current research interest is the life and work of Alfred Raquez. William lectures at Sampoerna University in Jakarta. William's work has appeared in numerous publications, including academic journals as well as commercial magazines such as Signal to Noise and Asian Geographic: The Read. His short stories have been published by Monsoon Books and Black Scat Books. Singapore Red, the final novel in a trilogy of hard-boiled crime fictions set in 1890s Malaya, was published in 2017 by Monsoon Books. In the Land of Pagodas, a scholarly translation with Paul Bruthiaux of Alfred Raquez's book of travels through China in 1899, was published in 2017 by NIAS Press. William's feature column on Asian art and media, 'Opium Traces,' can be found at popmatters.com.

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