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Susan Hawthorne

Susan Hawthorne is a poet, novelist, translator, publisher and academic. Her first love is poetry and her books Earth’s Breath (2009), Cow (2011), Limen (2013) and Lupa and Lamb (2014) all play with notions of language, multivocality and multilingualism. Earth’s Breath was shortlisted for the Judith Wright Poetry Prize; Cow for the Kenneth Slessor Poetry Prize and the Audre Lorde Poetry Prize (USA). Susan has studied Ancient Greek, Sanskrit and Latin; reads some German, French and Italian and loves learning alphabets. These and other languages appear in her poetry. Translations from Sanskrit, Greek and Latin have appeared in literary magazines, anthologies and books. She has taught Creative Writing for twenty years and is Adjunct Professor at James Cook University, Cairns where she has supervised post-graduate students. In 1991, she co-founded with Renate Klein, Spinifex Press which has published writers from Philippines, India, Lebanon, Japan, Bangladesh, New Zealand and Vietnam. In 2014, her book Bibliodiversity: A manifesto for independent publishers was published and has also been released in Canada, in Arabic, French Spanish and German translations and several others are underway. Susan has worked with publishers in India, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan and Philippines on co-productions and translations. She has organised writers festivals and conferences since the mid-1980s with a focus on Asia Pacific writing, for example the 6th International Feminist Book Fair: Indigenous, Asian and Pacific Writing and Publishing brought together more than 300 writers and publishers from around the world. She has won awards for her work in publishing.

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