Stephen Wu

Stephen Wu

Stephen Wu is a professional English/French to Chinese translator, writer in English and Chinese, as well as an adjunct professor of English at a local public college in Haikou, Hainan where he resides. He holds an MA in applied linguistics. He has published two EN> ZH translated books, namely Eating Women Telling Tales (a collection of Indian English short stories by Bulbul Sharma, Haikou: Nanhai Publishing Company, 2012) and The Lion Companion to Church Architecture (by David Standcliffe, co-translated as the second translator, Zhengzhou: Elephant Publishing House, 2013). His EN>ZH translated books entitled Religio Medici and Other Writings by Thomas Browne and Samuel Johnson as well as the Stress Surfing by Ivan Kirillov will be forthcoming. He has also published a total of 30 Chinese and English papers, translated articles, and essays in China and the US. He is currently writing and about to publish essays and short stories in Chinese and English.

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