Romi Grossberg

Romi Grossberg

Australian-born, Romi has been living in Asia on and off since 2006 working at the frontier of using creative arts and art therapy in challenging communities. Through managing a hip hop centre in Cambodia for street kids, Romi has presented in numerous forums about alternative approaches to mental, emotional and physical health, most notably at Tedx Phnom Penh in a talk titled: 'Dance Your Life Around'. From over a decade of professional counselling, Romi’s unique set of skills in writing therapy and counselling, International public speaking and professional writing, inspired her to share her wisdom worldwide through her book The 5-Minute Guide to Emotional Intelligence. Most recently the teenage edition The Key has been modified in to a curriculum to be taught in schools. Since 2013 Romi has based herself in Thailand to write and teach. Huffington Post contributor, Romi has been published in Australia, Hong Kong and India. In 2015 she was published in Griffith Review 49; New Asia Now. She is now editing a book based on her work in Cambodia called Hip Hop & Hope, from the slums of Phnom Penh.

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