Rachel Edwards

Rachel Edwards is the editor in chief of Transportation Press, based in Tasmania. Transportation Press publishes international collaborations, the most recent being The Third Script, new short stories from Iran, Tasmania and the UK. She is a freelance writer and reviewer and a regular guest on ABC radio discussing books and publishing. She was host of the long running Book Show on Edge Radio, in the guise of Paige Turner. Her work has appeared in The Australian, on Radio National and in The Mercury. She is a former editor of Island magazine and guest-edited a volume of the Review of Australian Fiction which featured Tasmanian authors exclusively. She runs a consultancy on the writing, editing and publishing processes; Paige Turner. She is the Artistic Director of Flit, a fringe literary festival that will run in Hobart in September 2017.

Member Since: 11/1/2012

Country: Australia

Identity: Publisher

Workplace: Literary Organisation