Pranesh Prasad

Pranesh Prasad is a writer of literary fiction and columnist for the Huffington Post. He is currently working on his third novel ‘The Hidden Imam’ which explores gender, religious and caste inequalities. An excerpt from ‘The Hidden Imam’ appears in the 2016 Global Voices Edition of the literary journal, Weber: The Contemporary West. His previous works include the novels ‘The Ultimate Laugh’ (Cedar: 2011) which explores terrorism and identity and ‘A Half-Baked Life’ (Frog Books: 2013) which delves into the consequences of the 2002 Gujarat riots. He has been a speaker at numerous literary festivals, seminars and conferences, both in India and abroad. He also teaches creative writing and was a panel member at the Iligan National Writers’ Workshop in the Philippines in 2016. Apart from writing, he is passionate about animal welfare and can be seen hanging out with animals everywhere. He also loves a good Mojito.

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