Neville Sarony QC

A practising Queen's Counsel based in Hong Kong, ex-Gurkha Officer and Foreign Service Officer, he is the published author of the Max Devlin political thriller novels The Dharma Expedient and Devlin's Chakra as well as the memoir Counsel in the Clouds, which traces how he became the first foreign lawyer to work in Nepal. He is a regular contributor to Hong Kong Economic Journal and Asia Times. Writer of topical lyrics parodying politics and events, which he also performs, he is a noted jazz pianist and vocalist. Popular speaker both after-dinner and at events, the Hong Kong International Literary Festival has hosted promotions for all his books. Devlin's Chakra is now available in Nepali and all his books can be purchased from Amazon (both paper and kindle versions) on order in UK bookshops or from the Gurkha Museum ( Arrangements are in hand for distribution in Australia.

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Country: Based In Hong Kong.

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