Jane Pan

Jane Weizhen Pan is a native speaker of Mandarin and Cantonese and a translator between Chinese and English. She has co-translated with Martin Merz Wang Gang’s English, published by Penguin in 2009, Ordained by Heaven, a 17th century opera by Li Yu, and essays and works by renowned Chinese writers including Bi Feiyu, Liu Zhenyun, Murong Xuecun, Sheng Keyi, Yan Lianke. Jane recently translated the Magician of 1919 by Li Er for Makedo Publishing. She is co-translating Eileen Chang's Novel Little Reunions. Jane holds a master degree in translation studies from Monash University and has worked as a lecturer RMIT University teaching translation and interpreting. She is a PhD candidate at the Australian National University researching nonsense literature and translation.

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