James Tam

James Tam's first novel Man's Last Song was a Proverse Prize finalist in 2011. The story is set in the future, when a ridiculous humanity faces protracted extinction due to universal sterility. It's full of ironies, realism, and clearly simulated hindsights, but not at all dystopian, not to all the other plants and animals anyways. He writes bilingually in English and Chinese. Depending on the language, he tells the same story very differently. The English version of his short stories HEAVEN, Mid-life Triad, Comfort Woman Eleanor, Between Lives, Gollum’s Demon, among others, have been published by the Hong Kong Writers Circle, the Asia Literary Review, and Ethos (Gollum's Demon to be anthologised in “Walk On The Moon�, late 2016). The Chinese versions have appeared in Hong Kong's foremost Chinese literary magazines "Hong Kong Writers". They can be found in his blog: guo-du.blogspot.com. His next book "Flower Lounge", a semi-fiction, is half finished.

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