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Iwan Sulistiawan

Iwan Sulistiawan (pen name “Bung Kelinci� ) is a full time lecturer of the English Dept. of Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing LIA Jakarta, a Jakarta based college of foreign languages. Iwan, who was a finalist of the 2006 national scale best private university and colleges lecturers contest, has written articles and short stories (both in English and Indonesian) in several Indonesian prominent magazines and newspapers. He has also written and directed stage plays. Iwan published his first book, Miskin Tapi Sombong(Poor But Snobby) in 2009. The book which contains 80 stories and limericks on Indonesian social portraits received warm welcome from the readers. In 2011 Iwan published his second book, Kupu-Kupu Pembunuh Naga (the Butterfly that Killed the Dragon), a novel in action genre. With Indonesian senior prose writers, Saut Poltak Tambunan and Kurnia Effendi, Iwan co-founded Kedai Ilalang, now a popular literature forum located in East Jakarta.

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Country: Indonesia

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