Eliza Handayani

Eliza Vitri Handayani has been writing and publishing since she was in her teens. She likes to write from the perspectives of young, rebellious people in Indonesia. After college she managed the literary translation program at the Jakarta Arts Council, worked as associate editor of Tesaurus Bahasa Indonesia 2nd edition, and founded InterSastra. Her novel From Now on Everything Will Be Different came out in 2015 and was launched at Frankfurt Book Fair and Asia-Pacific Writers & Translators Summit. In 2016 the publication of the novel lead to invitations to the Northern Territory Writers Festival, the Writers Immersion and Cultural Exchange Program in China and Australia, and Makassar International Writers Festival. The book’s launch at Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2015 was cancelled due to police warnings, and Eliza protested by wearing to the festival t-shirts printed with excerpts from her novel. Her short works have been published in the Griffith Review, Asia Literary Review, Exchanges Journal, Fixi Novo’s Heat Flesh Trash anthology, Jakarta Post, Koran Tempo, Magdalene, Inside Indonesia, Ducts.org, and others. In 2004 the Association of Indonesian Publishers (IKAPI) awarded me with an Anugerah Adikarya in the young-adult category. She posts some of her works at elizavitri.net and she tweets from @elizavitri.

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