Amitha Singh

Amitha Singh

Amitha is a Digital Marketer, Writer & Mentor with over 2 decades of experience across industries, including multiple entrepreneurial stints, with an extensive focus on Branding & Digital Marketing. Her professional life sees her as an independent marketing consultant and a mentor for young women professionals while the writer in her says, “she writes because she does not have a choice, it is who she is.” Amitha is a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor and also has to her credit a certificate in Writing Identities and Social Issues in Poetry and Plays from the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program. She is currently based in Bangalore consulting with various organizations including one focused on bettering the lives of senior citizens. She is the co-founder of a think tank called Ideas ‘R Us which works on collaboratively bringing new ideas to life. Additionally, Amitha is also working on her first fiction-based novel while enjoying the role of a full-time mother to her two daughters. Amitha is passionate about sports, working with children, creative writing, storytelling and food.

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