Asia Pacific Writers & Translators (APWT) formerly Asia-Pacific Writing Partnership' | APWT builds, promotes and helps sustain the careers of authors and literary translators in the Asia Pacific region.

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• APWT Inc. is an incorporated not for profit association that promotes literature from all the countries in the culturally rich and diverse Asia Pacific region* and supports the careers of the region's writers.

• APWT holds an annual conference—a multifaceted gathering that promotes discussion, showcases creative work (readings and screenings), encourages the release of new work, provides master class opportunities and social functions. These are usually held in a different country within the Asia Pacific region* each year.

• APWT publishes an online journal (LEAP+), which carries articles and creative work by members and invited contributors.

• APWT members have exclusive access on the website to our up-to-date news of events and opportunities that are open to writers from our region. Members may include other major open events. (Exclusive access implemented by May 2016).

• Membership is open to established authors and emerging writers, literary translators, literary agents, publishers, teachers and students of creative writing, screen writers, and others involved or interested in the production of creative writing in our region.

• Members are encouraged to post a relevant biography on

*We use UNESCO’s definition of ‘Asia Pacific’.


Annual subscription $US30 (automatically recurring)

ONE year only subscription $US35

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